Fall Pack – Lightroom Preset Collection


The 5 presets in this collection all provide a colorful autumnal look and work with BOTH mobile and desktop use, for BOTH jpeg and raw pictures. And thanks to the app, it has never been easier to edit your pictures on the go! Scroll down to the description for more information about the different usages and the installation.

By purchasing the Fall Pack Lightroom Preset collection, you get:

  • Autumn Lover – perfect for a very bright & vintage effect. It makes dark fall colors pop without saturating the hues too much.
  • Golden Foliage – my personal favorite from this collection. Works with most photos to give them a golden and glowy look while adding a lot more light & depth.
  • Moody Light – the best one for moody spooky vibes. It creates a very contrasted & warm finish.
  • Pumpkin spice – ideal for nature and plain colors locations. Helps “spicing up” your photos by enhancing the orange and yellow tones.
  • Throwing leaves – made to brighten up shadows and create edits full of light. It will bring your photos to life and make them a lot more vibrant.

Find examples of how all the 5 presets work in the photo gallery.



Are you struggling to edit your Fall photos and make them stand out? Would you like to reflect the actual colors of the foliage you captured? Do you want to create a cohesive Instagram feed that captures people’s attention with your wonderful Fall pictures? The Fall Pack Lightroom Presets Collection is for you!

If you follow me on Instagram @blondiewanderlust & like my editing style, you will definitely love these Lightroom presets! This collection contains all the Lightroom presets I designed for my Fall pictures in order to make them fit into a cohesive aesthetic. They all provide a colorful and sharp vibrant look that will make your Instagram feed look instantly more professional! Enhance your autumnal souvenirs and make them all match the intense feelings you had in those precious moments!

I developed these presets very carefully for you and tried them out on a wide variety of photographs, taken in all types of Autumn situations and destinations: from Fall foliage to pumpkin patches, moody landscapes, autumnal city colors and more. If you don’t have the time to start editing each of your Fall pictures from scratch, you will just love how easy and quick it is to edit them in one click!

If you are also looking for more general presets working with all types of pictures, you might want to check my Classic Pack Preset Collection as well! And if you struggle to choose between several packs or just feel like getting them all, then you should totally opt for my Ultimate Pack Preset Collection ; it gathers the entirety of my presets and even offers you a 30% discount on their original value!

All presets are different and work for different sets of photos, so do not hesitate to try them out on many diverse situations, even though they usually work best with the type of image they have been designed for. You can get surprises sometimes!

How to use the Lightroom presets?

This collection works for both the Lightroom Classic software on desktop (or other versions) & the free mobile Lightroom CC app. If you don’t have an Adobe suscription for Lightroom on desktop, don’t worry you can still use the presets on the mobile app only, which is 100% free.

They are all compatible with both RAW and JPEG photos (whatever device you’re on) but you might need to make slight changes to the exposure and temperature once the preset applied so that it perfectly fits your photo.

How to install the Lightroom presets?

Once your payment gone through, you will be able to download two zip files. One is called desktop and the other one is called mobile, depending on your use. Read down below to know how to install each set (this installation manual will also be provided in the pack).


The installation on desktop will be only for people who have an Adobe suscription, and therefore who pay each month for the use of Lightroom software on the computer. If you want to enjoy the full Lightroom experience on both devices, then you can suscribe right here.

  1. Download and unzip the Desktop Preset Collection on your computer. It will contain 5 .xmp files.
  2. Open Lightroom software (whatever recent version you have) and go to the Develop module.
  3. On the left side, open the Presets panel (top one) and click on the + icon. Select Import Presets.
  4. Find the .xmp files and import them. That’s it! They will all appear in the Presets Panel, ready to be used with all your pictures.


The installation on mobile has a few more steps. It might sound a bit long but it’s actually a 5-minutes process that you will have to do only once! Just follow the step-by-step guide below.

  1. Download and unzip the Mobile Preset Collection on your computer. Inside is a set of 5 DNG images. Save them all on a cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive, in order to access and save them from your phone.

It is very important to do this step on your laptop, especially if you are an iPhone user, because iPhone cannot unzip files without an additional app. If you have a Zip Extractor already downloaded, of course feel free to unzip the pack through it. But it is overall way easier to install them on your computer first and just go through this cloud storage process. If you have a Mac, just Airdrop them even more easily.

  1. Download the Lightroom app on your phone. It is entirely free.
  2. Once the DNG files are saved in your phone, open the Lightroom app and hit the three dots or the picture + icon at the bottom to Add Photos (“from Camera Roll” or “from Files” depending on your phone & saving mode). Search for the DNG images and import them. It might take a little for all presets to load.
    NOTE: Presets are contained within the DNG files. When you initially open the image, you may get an error that says, “Cannot Load File”. This is normal. Press the check mark in the corner anyway.
  3. Once all of them are imported, tap on one image and click on the three dots on the top right corner. Click on Create Preset. Name your preset (you can keep its original name or choose any other one you like!). You can also create a preset group if you want to have them more organized. Click on the Check symbol to save it.
  4. Repeat the step above for all DNG files.
  5. DONE! Now you can start adding your own pictures and apply these presets to them. To find the presets, scroll to the left on the menu bar until you see Presets. Click on Presets and try them out to choose the one you want to use! It might be the hardest step!

That’s it!

If you have any questions or issues with installing the presets, please send me an email at blondiewanderlust@gmail.com – I also saved a step by step installation guide in my Instagram story highlights if you prefer watching a video tutorial!

Do not hesitate to use #bwpresets when you post your photos so that I can share your results on my Instagram stories. And if you like the presets, feel free to leave a review and add a photo so I can see your dreamy edits here too!

**All sales are final. Unauthorized distribution of Blondie Wanderlust presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action**


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