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My name is Léa, and I am a French travel content creator forever obsessed with discovering our wonderful world. I have always been highly attracted by the unknown, ever since I was this book-addict little girl, constantly dreaming about the foreign lands and adventures she was reading about all day. I also started traveling abroad with my parents at quite a young age, fueling my wanderlust more and more as time was passing.

Later on, I discovered photography, and that’s probably where my soul was sold for good. Nowadays, nothing makes me feel more alive than capturing the beauty of new places, especially alone at sunrise, when I frequently find myself overwhelmed by so much magic.

Writing, taking photos & traveling: my 3 passions combined literally are the definition of travel blogging, so of course I had to follow this path!

Even though I was born and raised near Paris, France, which is and forever will be my favorite city on Earth, I can never stay still too long and always end up booking my next flight. This is why I have traveled to no less than 55 countries in the past 7 years, and even lived in 3 of them: Spain, Malta, and more recently, Singapore. After these 3 years of expatriation, I am now back in France, but it doesn’t mean my feet will stop itching anytime soon!

Join the adventure ✈

Before converting into a blog, Blondie Wanderlust started on Instagram, as a travel diary, where I wanted to share about my experiences, meet fellow travelers and explore my creativity. Things started to progress, and the more people I was connecting to, the more I understood how passionate I was about content creation. So, I decided to create another space, that would truly be my own, to provide more photos, more travel tips, more adventures, more help and inspiration for you.

This blog is for anyone who wants to dream, to wander, to discover. It aims to give you all the keys to schedule your itineraries, to save time and money, to explore hidden gems, without missing any must-see for each destination. Through my detailed travel guides, my goal is to help you plan your own dreamy trips, and show you that it is possible to follow your passion when you want it badly enough.

If you read about my story this far, thank you!! Whether you have been following me around for a while or just came across this page today, I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do. You are the reason why I am doing this, and I hope you will find everything you are looking for on this blog, or maybe even more! If it’s not the case though, do not hesitate to let me know any suggestion, question or idea you might have and I will be more than happy to discuss it with you. Also remember that I’m always only a DM away on Instagram.

Sending you dreams, ideas, and all my love,

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