How to find and explore the lavender fields of Provence

Hi everyone! So you have been hearing about the legendar lavender fields of Provence on TV or seeing them all over Instagram these past few years and are now dying to go? Symbol of the South of France, those picturesque purple flowers effectively attract people from the entire world every year, even if they are … Read more

Suomenlinna ultimate guide: how to enjoy this fortress island when in Helsinki

As explained in my main article about Helsinki over here, Suomenlinna is to me one of the must-see spots of the city, even if it’s not technically part of it. Indeed, it is an archipelago of 80 hectares counting 8 rock islands, a few miles away from Helsinki coast. The main 5 of them are … Read more

Planning your trip to Helsinki: all the practical information you need to know

When to go? Helsinki is full of surprises and magic in winter. We personally went there at the beginning of November, and it was already very chilly with a lot of wind and winter temperatures, which was perfect to embrace the “northern country” mood. Keep in mind that daylight goes accordingly, as in every country … Read more

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