Where to stay in Guadeloupe: top accommodation picks

As most of the Caribbean islands, Guadeloupe is the ultimate postcard destination, perfect for both adventuring around all the must-dos and relaxing by the beach with a fresh coconut in hand. But to do so in the optimum conditions after traveling all this way, finding the right hotels is key! And yes, I do mean hotels with an s.

Indeed, to properly discover this tropical paradise and get a full experience of all its aspects, you should definitely stay in a few different parts of the islands. That will allow you to move around more easily, reduce daily driving time, diversify your experience, and enrich your trip. To top off this diversity, in plus of being geographically different, they should have separated vibes as well! Staying at a combination of places that really feel and represent this multifaceted destination will be the best way to immerse yourself into the local atmosphere. That’s what I did and I totally recommend you do the same!

So, after trying them out for you, here below is my review and recommendation of the 4 hotels you should book for a diverse, complete, and breathtaking experience of Guadeloupe.

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1. Le Jardin Malanga – the nature’s lovers nest

We started our tour in the South-West, on Basse-Terre (the left wing), around the town Trois-Rivières where Le Jardin Malanga is located.

All dressed in wood, this former banana plantation dating back to 1927 has lost none of its charm from yesteryear. Now turned into an exceptional boutique hotel with a total of 9 rooms only, it is fully immersed in wild nature, and offers a level of calm and intimacy that I have rarely seen. Starting our trip in one of the 3 cottages scattered around the property’s 12-acres lush garden was the actual best way to fully disconnect and escape, making us feel like we had left the buzzing city for a very long time on the first night already.

The said cottages have various sizes, so they can host from 2 people up to a whole family of 6. You’ll be charmed by these typical wood-cabins nested in the jungle, which are very cozy due to their old traditional style, while still offering modern comfort thanks to their high-quality amenities. Here, the immersion in nature and Creole atmosphere is at its peak, especially at night when falling asleep with the sounds of the jungle (and sometimes a few mangoes drop on the roof 😅 which can be impressive at first, but if you’re not too faint of heart, you’ll get used to it pretty quickly!).

You can also stay in the main authentic colonial house (best for families with little kids) for even more comfort and less nature noises, but equally impeccable tropical vibes. Whatever you choose, you’ll always get breathtaking views over Les Saintes small archipelago, which is just 30 mins away by boat (ferry service available from Trois-Rivières – more about that in another post to come).

The hotel offers a delicious breakfast of course, but also on-site dinner at their host table Le Panga with a unique menu (starter, main course & dessert), which is daily adapted by the Chef according to the season and the fresh products available on the local market. Make sure to book 24 to 48h in advance minimum if you want to enjoy this tailored and intimate experience right by the infinity pool.

All in all, this secluded charming refuge is a great place to get your trip off to a flying start, since it perfectly embodies the raw spirit of Guadeloupe. You’ll immerse deeply in the mood right away! And even if you don’t start here, make sure to at least include it to your itinerary to experience its unique serenity and authenticity topped with epic views.

2. Langley Resort Fort Royal – the blissful seaside escape

After exploring all of Basse-Terre coast (“Côte-sous-le-vent”) from South to North while driving from Le Jardin Malanga, we arrived in our second hotel of the week: the Langley Resort Fort Royal. It’s a whole different vibe here, bigger and more built-up, but just as beautiful.

Only a few kilometers away from the authentic fishermen village Deshaies, its location along a stunning golden beach facing a few islands, while surrounded by mountains and rainforest, is what makes it truly special. Almost all of the 133 rooms and 82 bungalows of this beach-side resort offer unobstructed sea views; yes, the water really is the star of the show here. And why wouldn’t it! Lounging under the sun on the wide private beach and going for a swim in these pristine waters is just pure bliss.

If you’re not sure which type of room to opt for, I would 100% recommend to book a beach bungalow. Not only is it super comfortable and cosy while more original than a classic room, but also, as you can see below, the panorama you get from the private balcony is absolutely breathtaking. Waking up in front of this view was truly my favorite part about our stay, I just couldn’t stop taking photos of it!

Facing the Caribbean sea as well, the Royal restaurant welcomes you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and serves international cuisine with local influence either on buffet or à-la-carte. An All-Inclusive package is also available if that’s what you like. Also, not far from it and closer to the pool, the Kawan beach bar serves a nice selection of Caribbean drinks in an easy-going atmosphere. Especially perfect at sunset time!

Apart from eating, tanning and swimming all day long (which is already quite a good definition of happiness, I agree 😜), you can also enjoy the tennis courts or play beach volleyball, try the sailing club activities, or even join some of the organized excursions to discover the area. A Kid’s Club awaits for your children if needed, and the hotel is globally very family-friendly.

In a nutshell, everything here is set to make you relax, and wander all day in your flip-flops without a single worry in the world (careful with the hundreds of cute little crabs scattered around the property though). It’s also a great base to discover all the beautiful beaches of volcanic black sand around, along with the charming village of Deshaies.

3. La Créole Beach Hotel & Spa – the dynamic exotic cocoon

For the second half of our trip, we left Basse-Terre and made it to the right wing of the butterfly, Grande-Terre, where we checked in at our third hotel of the trip: La Créole Beach Hotel & Spa. Nested in a magnificent tropical garden right by the sea, and built around a stunning center pool, the most popular 4-star hotel in Guadeloupe is a very complete complex, ideal for all types of travelers.

Since it is located right inside the lively touristy town of Le Gosier, you’ll find many restaurants, shops, and things to do nearby, as well as more nightlife. Its large marina in particular is perfect for an evening out, and it is also a gateway for excursions to the islands of Marie-Galante and Les Saintes (more about that in a dedicated post). The pretty beaches of Petit Havre, La Datcha, Anse Tabarin and the islet of Gosier are also in near vicinity, as well as the economic capital Pointe-à-Pitre (7 kms).

But you don’t even have to leave the hotel if you don’t want to. The secluded private beach will actually make you forget that you’re so close to a city!

From the beach cabin directly, you’ll be able to pick between lots of fun watersports and nautical activities to occupy your days. The presence of a Kid’s Club for the youngest (4-12 years) also makes this place even more of a good choice for families, along with the very spacious connecting rooms or the gym. Additionally, there are many comfort amenities everywhere in the resort, like the 250m2 spa offering a wide selection of tailored treatments and Creole wellness specialties. You can even get a massage by the sea if you wish!

The rooms themselves are very comfortable as well. Most of them are even actually equipped with a private small kitchen, which can be very practical as a family or for a quiet night in, enjoying the flexibility of cooking and home-like cosy feeling. However, I wouldn’t miss the great large breakfast buffet in the morning, especially when you can eat with this view!

And as we are on food, you’ll also find many different restaurants to try on site: Le Zawag with à-la-carte seafood; La Route des Épices for Italian, Creole and Chinese cuisine as well as a rotisserie grill; and the Yureli Beach Bar. Moreover, for the cherry on the cake, go to the inside bar La Rhumerie around sunset time to attend musical and dancing events: Duo Piano Bar every evening from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, and concerts every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9pm. The ideal surroundings to enjoy Caribbean sunshine and vibes at your own rhythm.

To sum up, this resort offers a full experience, perfectly allying local exploration and tropical adventures with gentle relaxation and wellness. Among the 4, it is probably the best compromise between all the aspects of Guadeloupe, and the more ideally located. So, if you are not too keen on switching hotels during your vacation, or if you don’t have a lot of time on site, this place is for sure where you can stay the longest without being too far from anything, hence your best option.

4. La Toubana Hotel & Spa – the postcard paradise

But even though we loved all of these hotels, Des Hôtels & Des Îles clearly saved the most special place for our last days… Located at the outskirts of the picturesque fishing village of Sainte-Anne, La Toubana Hotel & Spa dominates a peninsula of white sand, just near one of the most beautiful turquoise lagoons of the Caribbean.

Out of the 4, this character hotel was definitely my coup-de-coeur. Well, not difficult to guess why, since it is the only 5-stars property in Guadeloupe, and for a reason! Or actually, many reasons, starting with the incredibly breathtaking views you get from everywhere you stand, due to its high-altitude location. Perched on top of a cliff, you will be facing the sea from your private space, from the main pool area, from the restaurant, basically anytime, anywhere.

In total, the property counts 32 individual bungalows, 12 suites, and 3 independent villas with full equipment. Their refined decoration in the local shimmering colors and their location in the heart of a bougainvillea and hibiscus tropical garden only inspire rest and well-being. As previously mentioned, all rooms overlook the Caribbean Sea, while still being super private, arranged in a way that allows each guest their full intimacy.

Bathing in your private pool with these surroundings is just unreal. But of course, you can also go downhill to the private beach, which is small but absolutely charming and secluded. You’ll be able to enjoy the dreamy turquoise water, alternatively swimming then watching the world go by from your deckchair or beach bed, and, again, feel like you’re alone in paradise.

There are 2 restaurants and a pool bar in the hotel. The first & main restaurant, called Le Grand Bleu, offers a spectacular view on both the infinity pool and the Caribbean sea. It is where breakfast is served in the morning, but it also offers a gastronomic experience in the evening if you fancy fine Creole cuisine cooked by a renowned French chef. We had the pleasure to dine there, and both the food & service were exquisite. The second restaurant, located near the beach hence its name La Plage, offers lighter options for lunch, so that you can get a quick fix to your cravings between 2 swims or tan sessions. Last but not least, the pool bar serves the most enchanting tropical cocktails; perfect to enjoy while watching the sun set at the end of the day!

To complete these services, you will find a 100m2 spa, as well as many water activities (jet-ski, scuba diving, surf, windsurfing, fishing, boat tours, …) and others (like golf lessons) offered at reception. Everything can be done nearby, since La Toubana Hotel & Spa is also very well located in Guadeloupe; both to explore around and to reach quickly, as it is only 20 kms away from the international airport and the economic capital Pointe-à-Pitre.

Simply put, it was the best place to finish our trip on a wow effect. We were truly speechless the whole time, and experienced the most absolute relaxation there, so I highly recommend you do the same. Only downside to it: you might never want to leave!!

And on that note, this accomodation review is complete! I hope this blogpost helped you choose the best hotel for your needs or, even better, made you want to try them all along a road trip in the butterfly island like I did. Make sure to check my 7-days itinerary in Guadeloupe for a complete breakdown of how you should plan your holiday! And for more information about each place and thing to do, my ultimate guide will give you all the detailed necessary tips, sorted by category.

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